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Bur in the Fur (Jane Cory & Kyle Burghout)
Hazel's Promenade (Jane Cory)
The Stag in St. Norbert (Kyle Burghout)

Bur in the Fur was written for Jane's family dog, Mowgli, who has been known to run away from home and return with many burs attached to him.

Jane wrote Hazel's Promenade for her family cat, Hazel, who spends most of the summer outside patrolling the yard and guarding against any squirrels, rabbits, and birds who try to steal vegetables from the garden.

Deer can often be seen walking around St. Norbert, the south Winnipeg neighbourhood where Jane's family lives. One evening, Kyle looked out the window and saw a majestic Stag with large antlers standing in the backyard, which inspired the last tune.

Jane Cory, fiddle
Kyle Burghout, fiddle/viola
Tyson Chen, piano
Kyle Waymouth, guitar

Recorded at Stove Studios, Chelsea, QC (August 2020)

Produced by Jane Cory & Kyle Burghout
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by James Stephens
Artwork by Kyle Burghout